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Canaan Marshall is the next-door floral designer of your dreams. An old soul, he has had a natural knack for all things growing and green since childhood. He is best known as the vibrant, young fellow to turn your everyday into elegant. Perhaps just as notable is the seemingly effortless way he creates and very often makes his fans feel as though they, too, could create something just as wonderful.

His mantra: Place it, and move on. To his audience of intrigued green-thumb wannabes, he inspires thoughtful arrangements while never fretting over the perfect placement. He encourages, “Choose flowers you like; put some love into the preparation, and have fun!” Much like your favorite neighbor, he has the finished vision before you even begin. Canaan’s energy makes one want to dance and celebrate each event as if it were the last. That celebration is evident in everything he touches.

From Macon to Atlanta and beyond, many have been known to cheat on their mainstay florist for his gorgeous table scapes, over-the-top mantels and breathtaking bridal bouquets. His work is often found in the pages of Macon Magazine, and he recently added the 2014 Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House & Gardens opening party to his lineup of sophisticated finishings. Canaan makes extraordinary appear simple, yet always with a fabulous, fun flair.